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Your life is turning into what you think

Updated: Jan 30, 2020

Yesterday I saw a photo on the social networks of a "Crypto Connection Statue" by Italian artist Frederic Calappis, set in London. It represents a deep prenatal mother-son relationship and predicts the arrival of the hyper-connected generation.

Here is one morning story about women and mobile phones.

During holidays the train was half empty and there was room to sit. I sat in a place where were two women on one side and another woman on the other, but with painful and tired face. She was leaning her head against the window. The other two women were engrossed in their mobile phones. One woman was older and the other one slightly younger. At one moment, a woman with a painful facial expression jerked and asked, “Where are we? Is that Kustošija? I guess I didn't miss West Station."

The two women looked at her briefly and looked back to their mobile phones. I briefly answered that we were arriving in Kustošija and that she had not missed the West Station. She smailed at me.

On my way out I noticed she held a hand strangely and realised that it was the cause of her pain. I kept napping and had no "connection" with the other two women, except that I held the door for them when leaving the train.

Author: Drazen Kauzljar

Translation: Marela Sopta

Photo: Internet

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