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What if Columbus was married?

Updated: Feb 4, 2020

Columbus discovered America only because he was not married.

If he had had a wife it would have been like this:

“ Why do you have to go? And why don't send someone else? Are you the only one ....? It can't do without you?

Are you crazy or stupid? Can't you see they're using you? You don't even know my family, and you're going to discover a new world?

What are you hiding? You don't even know where you're going! What a round country? And only men will travel? Don't you? And why can't I go with you if you're the boss? You never take me on trips! You don't know what else to say only not to be at home, you bugger ....

If you go out through that door, I'm going back back to my mom this minute! You've already planned everything, you poor! You have  already agreed with those Native American Women. You think I was born yesterday! What??? The queen will sell her jewelry so you can travel? Do you think I'm a dumbass? Is there anything between you and that old bag?!

You're not going and it's over! Nothing is going to happen if the world is still a flat disk .... Don't dress! ... You're not going anywhere!”

Translation: Marela Sopta

Source: Internet

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