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We and our traffic gadgets from a different angle

On October 21, organized by the Croatian Association of Security Managers, a conference "We and Our Gadgets in Traffic" was held, at which special attention was paid to marking the first National Day without Mobile Phones in Traffic.

The conference was divided into three sections: "Signaling against dangerous intent?", "Higher penalties for less offenses?" And "Vehicles of the Future Without Drivers with dangerous intent?". At the end of the conference, Ms. Monika Vukic was named the winner of the "Win a driver licence" prize competition.

All speakers primarily accepted dangerous traffic intentions as facts, emphasizing that they were influenced by technological, preventive and repressive measures. In their presentations they were particularly emphasized:

- Mrs. Renata Ivankovic, Project Manager of the Day Without Mobile Phones in Traffic, with a presentation on the installation of horizontal signage at traffic lights;

- Mr. Milan Huljak from the Road Traffic Safety Institute (Police Directorate), with a presentation on the implementation of new provisions of new amendments to the law on road safety;

- Mr. Igor Kolovrat from the field of the electric car industry, with a presentation on self- driving cars.

The first two lecturers stood out because in their presentations they recognized the needs of traffic culture level raising of traffic users. The third lecturer stood out for proposals for solutions that were not burdensome with the bureaucratic and proper limitations of state regulations.

After this very useful and interesting conference, the need for the development of traffic psychology comes to the fore, which will look for solutions in reducing dangerous intentions before they even happen in traffic. Here is the best example in a song by winner Monika Vukic entitled "A Day Without Mobile Phones in Traffic". She finds her inspiration among the youngest, those in kindergarten, and with them she begins learning about culture and traffic safety.

This is our first appearance at the conference and we believe that the safety.guru INSTITUTE projects will fit well at the next conferences of the Croatian Association of Safety Managers.

Author: Dražen Kaužljar

Photo: Dražen Kaužljar

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