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Traffic culture is piece of cake

Updated: Jan 30, 2020

About ten years ago authorial fee for works in the magazine "Željeznice 21" were reduced. I learned from the competent persons at HZ Holding the reason - saving and no financial means for it. I asked the question: How comes that there are financial eans to cover the cost of railway accidents caused by improper railway work? However, I did not get an answer to that question. The fact is that usually when companies are in crisis, they first cut the system upgrade funds. Thus, education, professional and scientific research and culture are destroyed. Unfortunately, as a result, in the near future, the company is sinking further. The cat story might be related to this topic.


Once upon a time there was a cat that was burning with the love for a young man. She was in love and begged the sorceress to turn her into a beauty who could win him over. The sorceress agreed and the cat got the figure of a woman. She met the young man and soon the wedding preparations begun. The day of the wedding came; it was celebrated with song and dance. The lights shone on the guests and tables full of selected dishes. Everything was at its best. At one moment, however, the bride saw a little mouse running away from the hall. She immediately jumped and ran after him...

Our society is full of fraud, we are used to believing in propaganda. We usually say "Nice to see you! Call me sometimes! You have a beautiful dress! ... " We say these words to people we don't like, who we avoid and who dresses without taste. We have masks for every occasion; a mask for friends, for employers, for husband or wife, for neighbor, for God… But there is always a moment that ends all of this comedy.

At the safety.guru Institute there is one beautiful cat that "purrs" about traffic culture. And what is culture anyway? Culture is the entire social heritage of a group of people, a learned pattern of thinking, feeling, and action of a group, community or society. The culture is graceful enough and unique enough to live everywhere. The cat of safety.guru INSTITUTE invites you to the center of traffic culture  promotion as a code of behaviour in traffic and to create patterns of thinking, feeling and action in the community and society. Adopting a traffic culture and traffic rules is a precondition for safety in the traffic system! And that's why traffic culture is important not only to our cat but to all of us. The following story might encourage you further.

The cat Attila

There was an old cat in the family that was expressing his needs after dinner. He didn't take food, go out or do anything until he got what he wanted the most. When everyone was sitting, he jumped in someone's lap. If it wasn't like that, Attila was bored and nervously waited for everyone to sit down. When he was in someone's lap, he played up until they patted him on his back. Then he expressed all his emotions: he bend over looking for comfortable accommodation, giving his paws, starting to purr loudly. He was looking at them, showing complete feline confidence. The children said, "Attila wants to purr." The father explained: "He is not the only one in our family who wants it. I want it too and your mother also.“

This need is not specifically related to any age. But it is especially visible in children who cannot wait for someone to hug them, take them in their arms, take them by the hand, to cover them when they go to sleep. There's nothing wrong with that.

There are many things that I wish to all children but if I have to choose just one, it is to allow each child, in any part of the world, to purr as a cat at least once a day.

Cats and children should be allowed to purr.

And sometimes you should purr too… What are you waiting for?

Edit: Dražen Kaužljar

Text: Bruno Ferrero

Translation: Marela Sopta

Photo: Unslash / Kiven Zhao

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