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To be a fireman

Updated: Jun 28, 2019

We congratulate to all firemen The day of firemen! May St. Florian keep you! Be proud of yourself because you know that you are doing good deeds. ❤️🚒

The day of St Florian on May 4 is The day of firemen, and in Croatia May is the Month of fire protection.

Their humanity, social engagement and help to the injured people, are the characteristics of every firefighter. They are the first there where it burns, where there is threat by the water wave, where it is to be helped..

Therefore, we should appreciate and respect them and thank them for any intervention in which they selflessly give themselves, sometimes risking their own lives.

Firefighting is a tradition we should keep and pass to younger generations the noble ideas of helping others when they need it most.

Photo: hamza-el-falah-unsplash

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