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Updated: Jan 30, 2020

Strive to be happy!

Go calmly through the noise and hustle

and remember the peace you can find in silence.

As much as possible, be in good relationships

with all people.

Speak your truth calmly and clearly

and listen to others,

even to the stupid and ignorant; they have their own story.

Avoid noisy and violent people,

they are a burden to the spirit.

If you compare yourself to others,

you can become bitter or proud;

because there will always be someone bigger or smaller than you.

Rejoice in your achievements and plans.

Maintain enthusiasm for your personal profession,

however modest it may be;

it is a real treasure in the changing times.

Be careful about your business,

because the world is full of fraud,

but let it not interfere with you to notice the virtues around you.

Many people strive for high ideals

and everywhere is life full of heroism.

Be what you are. Be yourself!

Especially don't pretend in love.

And don't be sneering at love,

because despite the bitterness and disappointment,

love is eternal.

Calmly receive the experience of years,

harmoniously leaving things from a young age.

But don't feel sorry for the fabrications.

Many fears arise from fatigue and loneliness…

So, be at peace with God, however you imagine him,

and, no matter what your job is

and what do you strive for in the noisy “shuffle”of life, keep the peace in your soul.

Beside all the dirt and moaning

and broken dreams, this is still a wonderful world.

Strive to be happy!

Author: Unknown

Photo: Unsplash / Noah Similan

Text was found in 1692 in an abandoned church in Baltimore.

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