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STOP Day - Raising awareness of motorcyclists and bikers about the dangers on level crossings

Updated: Jun 28, 2019

The project deals with the research of the problems encountered by motorcyclists and cyclists on rail-road crossings. The research deals with their positive and negative experiences in the field of culture and traffic safety.

In the last ten years motorcyclists have participated in six exceptional events on level crossings in the Republic of Croatia. In these six events, three were killed and two more seriously injured persons.

The Ministry of the Interior has been implementing measures for a number of years aimed at raising the level of safety of motorcyclists in road traffic. In all, 2018 saw a 33.3% increase in the number of killed motorcycles, with 52 drivers and 2 passengers killed. As a result, more and more motorcyclists are involved in nonprofit associations. In this case, security.guru INSTITUTE initiates cooperation with the Gastro Moto Association.

When it comes to cyclists, statistics are nothing better. Over the past 10 years, there have been 10 exceptional events on level crossings where bikers took part, and when 6 people died, 1 person was more difficult and 3 people were more easily injured.

Total in road traffic in 2019 22 people died in the Republic of Croatia.

In the survey, we are interested in the positive and negative experiences of motorcyclists and cyclists on level crossings. Particular attention is paid to improving the safety of level crossings. The survey is conducted by the survey method, and the results of the survey will be presented at the ILCAD 2019 and 11th conference of the CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY.

At International Day of Awareness of Dangers at level crossings will be organized the collection of photos of motorcyclists and cyclists who are on level crossings at that moment.

Further preventative activities are possible through other scientific and expert gatherings and preventive actions in tourist destinations such as the city of Pula.

Photo: anders-jacobsen-unsplash


PROJECT: Raising awareness of motorcyclists and bikers about the dangers on level crossings

direction: TRAFFIC

TITLE: "Day for STOP"

AIM: Research the problem of motorcyclists and cyclists at the ŽCPs and acquaint themselves with their knowledge and problems of non-compliance with traffic from other stakeholders.

PARTNER (S): Motorcycle Association, cycling association

TIME: 2019 - 2020.


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