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Slalom on city avenues …

Although I am a supporter of public transport and use the train regularly, sometimes I think it's better to go by car. Especially if it's hot outside and there is no air condition in the train. Or if it's rain and snow. Or when it's too crowded.

And then I find myself using the car every morning for the past few days. Driving along the major city avenues I choose the lane in which I think I will pass faster and I stick to it. And so this morning, sticked to my "own" lane I notice that we are driving slowly.

I look in the front and see the driver on the scooter as he drives slightly in front of us. We all bypass him and approach the traffic light. There he catches up with us again, slips between us and is first in line again. Part of us bypasses him again, and a part like me gives up and continues to drive slowly behind him.

And though it would be better for the city to have more scooters than cars, when one of these appears on a highway with a speed limit of 60 or 70 km / h, the scooter becomes a limiting factor in traffic flow, and the "slalom driver" shows that he misses the traffic culture.

And so I look forward to getting back into the routine and the train ride, repeating in my head the saying "The grass is always greener with neighbours!"

Author: Dražen Kaužljar

Photo: Dražen Kaužljar

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