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Safety is a slogan

Updated: Jun 28, 2019

Traffic is an economic activity that deals with the transfer and the relocation of goods, people and information from one place to another. Generally speaking, traffic is everywhere around us.

Roads and streets connect us with a home, school, workplace, playground, cinema, theater, friends and relatives in the city and in the village. In the streets and roads, we are pedestrians, bikers, motorists, passengers and drivers in personal cars, buses, trams, and trains. We're all traffic participants.

Today there are so many traffic participants that hardly pass each other apart, sometimes they are pushing and even angry at each other. Long ago, the Red Queen in the book of Alice in the Land of Wonders said, "In my kingdom, you have to run as fast as you can to stay in the same place." And this is happening today. We are always in such a hurry but the speed of movement and neglect can be the cause of dangers that endanger human lives. Safety of road traffic is a priority and a prerequisite for successful traffic flow and also all the activities around it.

Rail traffic as part of the entire traffic system is interwoven with multiple road traffic. The most critical point to connect the railway with the road is the level crossing, the crossing of the road and the railway, and the only official crossing point.

Although there is a small number of active level crossings in Croatia (37%), data show that most of the accidents occurred at active crossings, and for 90% of these accidents is guilty of human error or negligence. At the same time, a large number of traumas and fractures of the semen leads to defeating data on the height of traffic culture. Traffic rules and rules are generally known or we think we know them and do not think about them. It is worrying that the behavior of traffic participants is unacceptable and that safety is compromised.

In order for traffic participants to survive in this jungle of traffic signs and rules, we must know and respect them. As Mark Twain says, "Do not bring us into trouble what we do not know, but what we know for sure and that's just not right." And so, the traffic culture goes "hand in hand" with traffic knowledge.

Safety is a slogan. Safety is an aspiration and desire. Safety is the responsibility. Safety is a way of life.

Photo: steve-unsplash

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