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Rijeka traffic magic

The city of Rijeka is the largest Croatian port, the third largest city in Croatia. Due to its excellent geo-traffic position, special attention was paid to traffic solutions from the Port of Rijeka to destinations in Croatia and Central Europe, especially to rail and road traffic.

Due to the reconstruction of the Brajdica railway station, which began last summer, at least a dozen container trains run every day through the city center of Rijeka, and that emphasize the incompleteness of railway and road traffic.

Along the coast, one does notice a very unusual rail track, which merged with the road and the coast, and which runs from the railway via the bus station towards the Brajdica container terminal.

It is unusual for many reasons.

It is unusual because the rules applied on that rail track are more for road traffic then for rail traffic. So you find there come several pedestrian crossings across the rail track, there is a parking for cars and the road ramp. Regardless of that particularity, everything works well.

It is also unusual that the rail track runs along the town market and the Croatian National Theater “Ivan pl. Zajc”. These are tourist attractions of city Rijeka.

It is no longer an industrial track but the local rail track L212: Rijeka – Rijeka Brajdica, where road traffic predominates. It is about 2 kilometers long and it is for delivery and shipment of containers from the Brajdica container terminal to Rijeka Station and further in different directions.

It takes more than 5 minutes of direct involvement in urban road traffic for a twenty-wagon train. Patient car drivers do not wait for the classic train check-out but immediately start moving to find parking places... and so they create a Rijeka traffic magic.

I don't know if there is a rail track like this somewhere else in Europe, but in a short video one can see a small part of that magic.

Author: Dražen Kaužljar

Photo: Sanja Paić

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