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People are fragile

Updated: Jun 28, 2019

Vancouver Hot Tomali Communications agency has created an exciting campaign to secure the streets of their town.

Drive fast through a yellow traffic light or just walk across the street to the cafe, keeping your eyes on the phone - and it's too late. In Vancouver, as in many other cities, accidents happen every day due to traffic negligence.

That is why the city of Vancouver recently launched a campaign to raise awareness of road safety.

The campaign's goal is to highlight three shortcomings: pedestrians cross the road without using zebra or pedestrian trails, bikers ignore stop signs or red lights, and drivers do not stop cars to miss pedestrians on pedestrian trails.

To emphasize how often these behaviours are common and dangerous, Hot Tomali Communications has developed a campaign that traffic users could not ignore.

Rather than relying solely on traditional media, the agency has devised creative communication tools that have attracted immediate attention in the street.

Among other things, in the streets of Vancouver there are messages in guerrilla marketing style. For example, the part of the text was written on a piece of pavement and the rest was scattered in the road. Besides the font, there is also the red warning: "People are fragile. Always cross the road at pedestrian crossings."

What do you think, should we take such action on the roads in Croatia?

Edit: S.E.

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