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Owl in action ...

Updated: Jan 30, 2020

On a deep dark night, two owls sit on a branch and watch their forest. At one moment, a female owl says "Huuuuu!". The other owl, the male, shakes and says "Huuhh, you just scared me !!!"

When in traffic, there are usually warning signs to scare us: "Watch the car!", "Watch the train!", "Rock danger", "Watch the high voltage!" Theyscare us just like the female owl scares its male.

An owl is usually associated with wisdom, but also with a "smart" that keeps on nagging and complaining. We chose an owl to turn words “to scare” and “to complain” into fun psychology.

We have put forward the thesis "how to find something fun with the help of psychology in words like culture, safety and traffic." It seems impossible because psychology has a serious definition and implies a science of behavior and psychic processes that reveals the laws of human behaviour. On the other hand, on the road, crossing or in the vehicle, our behaviour signifies us through the role of the traffic participant.

You still must be wondering what the fun is about it. It is a fun application of creative ideas in observing human behavior in traffic.

Can you imagine yourself watching the people on  the road from the big tree unconsciously doing recognizable things and patterns? Can you imagine an owl sitting on the "STOP" sign and watching you? Can you imagine the owl winking at you from the  traffic sign at level crossing? Can you imagine the sound of "Huuuuu !!!" when you go throuhg red at the traffic light? Or can you imagine playful preventative actions and projects in risky places that help you to improve your behavior in traffic?

That is our goal. To motivate you in a fun and playful way.

Author: Drazen Kauzljar

Translation: Marela Sopta

Photo: Unsplash / Ahmed Badawy

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