Octopus with attitude!

Updated: Jan 2, 2020

The time has come for the activities of the Be Like an Octopus project to raise awareness of the dangers of using mobile phones and earphones in traffic.

safety.guru INSTITUT recognized the vulnerability of young people in traffic. Young and rebellious, they seek authority and idols in music or sports. The information provided by such  idols have the power to convey and perceive important messages.

The concept and promotional message "Be like an octopus" was created as metaphora of  multiple activities and human overestimation of one's own abilities and activities in traffic, with the aim of meeting personal needs. Man is compared to an octopus, an intelligent animal, which is often associated with multiple simultaneous activities due to its many arms.We present you a visual solution to our "octopus with attitude". Even though its mobile phone is in the pocket and earphones are in the arm, our octopus is still in good spirits, patient and safe in traffic!

Octopus story:

Octopus. Octopus vulgaris. Mollusk. It has 8 arms that can reach a distance of up to 3 meters. The octopus is perfectly adapted to life in the sea. It is incredibly lovely. It has a well-developed brain. The octopus is a surprisingly intelligent marine animal. Thanks to its numerous arms and intelligence, it can perform multiple functions in parallel. However, italways chooses one - priority! The octopus loves good music and dancing. It enjoys at concerts. In traffic, though, its mobile phone is in its pocket and earphones are in its arm.

Man. Homo sapiens. Living being. It has 4 arms that can reach a distance of up to 1 meter. The man is well suited to living in the city. He is incredibly nice. He has a highly developed brain. Man is the most intelligent and thoughtful being. Thanks to his many commitments and activities, it ignores the fact that multiple functions are myth and that it is almost impossible to perform two or more actions simultaneously and 100% effectively. Such traffic activity puts him at risk and risk of injury, including death.

Be like an octopus!

Author: Sanja Paic / Drazen Kauzljar

Illustration: graffiti artist - SHOW

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