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Numbers are nothing, life is priceless !!!

Today (August 22, 2018) is one year since the horrific accident in Jablanica (Bosnia and Herzegovina) and that case still "can't" be clarified until today.

It took 10 years for the case of Rudine and at the end small fish were charged. A slope towards Rijeka is a "coincidence".

For the accident near Vrbovec, when the train hit the track that someone put on the rail track, and jumped out the rail track because of that, nobody was charged.

And then people say: What do you (train drivers) want,you are just sitting and driving ... You have the benefits, good salaries... YES, WE HAVE, SURE...

But we are also responsible for you, your children travelling to school, and the goods and cargo that you gave us to take it safely to destination.

You, who play with our destiny, do not care because we are just numbers for you, but we care about hundreds of travelers to arrive at their destination happily.

Numbers are nothing, life is PRICELESS!!!

Author: Ivan Marić

Photo: Internet

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