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Non-culture is our everyday life

This is not a bottle with a romantic message. Not even the moment of a future movie. This is an ordinary beach. Like many others. And a discarded bottle after consuming some favorite drink.

While on the one hand we have a few enthusiasts who have initiated various actions to clean up the seabed, beaches, parks, forests and nature in general, we live surrounded by most to whom is completely strange this idea or they completely ignore it. Besides, they find the natural environment in which they live to be an ideal place to dispose all kinds of garbage. So many times we have witnessed discarded old car parts on Medvednica mountain or tires in the sea or rivers, all kinds of bags and plastics wherever we are.

It is no better situation in cities. How many times have you seen the car driver throwing a cigarette butt through the window or a crumpled packaging of a used product?

And spitting on the road? The habit of spitting in public is, without a doubt, one of the ugliest habits.

And most often it is related to men because they are few women with this ugly habit. The men tried to justify it and said that they were spitting for health reasons because excess saliva had accumulated which it was not healthy to "keep inside". There has been scientific research that has shown that men produce no more saliva than women, so there is no reason for them to spit in public places so often.

Some have interpreted this ugly habit as a remnant of old times when men often chew tobacco, which would eventually just spit out (a scene common in cowboy movies). In the end, everyone agrees that this is just a matter of culture, in fact, of non-culture.

Or worse, urinating in a public place?!? The penalty for urinating in a public place is between 200 and 800 kuna. It is definitely considered an ugly and uncultured habit.

It is well-known that on the eve of the 2008 Beijing Olympics, residents practiced good behavior by order of the Chinese government, which, wishing to portray its country in the best possible light, launched a campaign to change bad habits such as pushing in the streets, yelling, swearing and spitting in public places. They produced brochures, posters, slogans, and punished those who defied good behavior, but in vain.

Singapore is known as the cleanest city and country in the world, and they have achieved that with a bit of bizarre laws and draconian penalties, for example, spitting in the street will be punished with a thousand dollars, and drawing graffiti on a building will be punished with whipping.

In the USA; Illinois, the pennalty is $ 1500 for the same thing, but just first two times. The third time it is 25000, and eventually sentence of one to three years of prison.

In the city of Makarska, citizens decided to stop this kind of "ugly habits", so the city council decided punishing with 300 kuna for spitting on the road and public places, as well as for drawing graffiti and swimming in fountains. A large number of citizens supported this decision but also expressed skepticism: "The decision is smart, but I do not believe that it will work. Here is everything allowed so people will continue to spit regardless of the penalties. Even whipping wouldn't help here. “- is the opinion of one Makaranin.

Zagreb residents "love Zagreb and love it when it's clean", which is also accompanied by the slogan on the garbage cans. But it is obvious that they sometimes turn a blind eye and "slip " a cigarette, gum or paper on the ground.

The list is long for which communal guards can charge a penalty, and the highest penalty is 2000 kn.

Whether the new regulations will lead us to pursue Singapore's purity or we will continue like now, will show time.

Author: Sanja Paić

Foto: scott-van-hoy-unsplash

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