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Man in the center of the traffic system

Updated: Jun 28, 2019

Every individual in the traffic system is seemingly irrelevant to themselves, but as it is important for hourly mechanism that each wheel function perfectly, so is in the traffic system an important role of each individual, the traffic participant.

Man is at the center of the traffic system. Its most important factor. As a traffic system user appears directly as a driver or a traveler or a pedestrian.

As a driver, driving a private motor vehicle or as a professional driver, driving a bus, train, plane, truck. His role is extremely important because, with pedestrians, he is the biggest factor in traffic accidents caused by mistake or neglect.

Although all drivers are equally responsible with their participation in traffic, however, greater attention is focused on professional drivers because their decisions affect the lives and health of other traffic participants. A driver to whom traffic safety is not a way of life is a very dangerous driver.

Passengers are the next group of people in traffic. These are people who indirectly participate in the traffic, driving in the selected vehicle. They are often neglected group of people.

If you think about it, where is the greatest attention paid to travelers? On the plane. Before each flight, safety instructions are given to act in case of emergency situations. Does anyone know where to get out of the train or the bus in case of some accident? Do people decide for that reason for their cars, not for public traffic? Can railways be the safest way of transport if full attention is not paid to passenger safety? 

The most vulnerable group of people are pedestrians. Nobody cares for them. They are left to themselves. If they are not familiar with the dangers of traffic from the young age they can not help themselves. As far as the roads and means of transport are attractive, they are even more dangerous if we behave badly in traffic.

How do you, as travelers and pedestrians, look at traffic culture? Do you behave in accordance with traffic rules? How do you behave towards other traffic participants, infrastructure or vehicles? Have you noticed vandalism on the infrastructure or vehicles? Why does anyone even do this? Do you correct your traffic behaviour in reduced visibility? How are traffic accidents affecting you, are you increasing your attention in traffic? ... are just some of the questions that are imposed as a precondition for a safe and customized system. On the other hand, man appears in the role of employees and managers of the transport infrastructure and the entire transport organization. We meet people involved in the highest level of management, people involved in the executive level, and people acting indirectly on traffic safety.

The highest level covers people who create traffic systems. These are persons involved in the development of the traffic control system, persons involved in the construction of roads and the construction of means of transport.

The Salzburg railway station is an excellent example of how to modernize the infrastructure according to the needs of its passengers.

Persons included in the executive level include persons engaged in the performance of traffic, maintenance of roads and vehicles, and persons managing the means of transport.

There are also persons involved in investigations of traffic accidents and persons dealing with meteorological prognoses.

Immediately the following questions arise: Have you experienced that in the rain you were splashed by a car? How many times have you been waiting for more than ten minutes on the railroad crossing? Did you have any problems getting to the train? How do you deal with deep snow or dense fog? How many times did you miss the bus in front of your nose? How many times you did not receive information about the timetable?...and so on…

We hope you have not had such experiences because it is a sign that people in traffic systems take care of you as passengers and pedestrians. But that does not mean that you do not mistake yourself, aware or not. Do you ever think about your senses or your motor skills? Or do you think you're faster than a train or a car? When did you last learn something about the traffic system and traffic safety?

How many times have you been frustrated in traffic? How do you behave in traffic when you are tired or affected by some opiates?

A man as a central figure in traffic needs a systematically approach from the earliest age.

It is important in the kindergarten to develop awareness of the traffic culture, to learn about traffic safety in schools, to explore new security solutions at faculties and to ensure that people in traffic organizations make their decisions based on a high level of awareness of traffic safety.

Photo: greg-rakozy-unsplash

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