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Look a bear in the eye for proof of safety ...

Updated: Jan 30, 2020

An old friend of mine has a house deep in the forest in Gorski kotar, and parents' old house even deeper in the woods. That house is placewhere he adores to be. He merges there with the nature. He is also a hunter so his experiences from that old house are even more interesting. However, there is one topic that is his favorite and that is the bear story. For some reason, of all animals, he loves the bear the most. He is veryfunny when he describes the bear taking fruit from trees or when he is angry at the bearbecause he steals from the yard. He is most proud when he talks about looking face to face with the bear. The bear is for my friend asymbol of respect and safety.

On the other hand, those who travel with the train could notice grandparents taking their grandchildren to the rail tracks to watch the trains. The kids are fascinated by the trains and excavators and tractors. Have you ever noticed their eyes wide open when they see a train orexcavator or tractor !? For them, the means of transport means respect and safety. Not even adults are much better. When the Zagreb - Split highway was opened, we could hardly wait to see the longest tunnels and viaducts. Driving through them, we felt respect and safety.

What associates you with safety - a huge excavator or bear looking at you in the eyes?  The safety.guru Institute chose a bear for a symbol of safety. There are so many traffic participants today that make a huge crowd. Sometimes we push through that crowd and even get mad at each other. We are always in a hurry. A speed and inattention can be the causes of traffic accidents. Traffic safety does not like haste. It seeks for safe steps that create a sense of confidence and satisfaction in us. So sometimes do stop and look at the other traffic participant in the eyes.

Just the way my friend looked at the bear in the eyes.

Author: Drazen Kauzljar

Translation: Marela Sopta

Photo: Internet

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