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If you rule your mind, you rule your journey ...

Updated: Jan 30, 2020

This text is not so much related to the traffic system as it is to fitness outside. The thought of running is not something that thrills. Considering the holiday time and lowtemperatures, then no form of fitness outside is something we want.

However, after reading the book "Born to Run" by

Ch. McDougall, I accepted the thought that it's all in your head. Even a desire to run.

There is also the thought "the mind of man is limitating, the mind of man is liberating." With a little free mind, we can free ourselves, put on our running shoes and run through the winter streets.

Congratulating Happy new year, I thought it would be great to go 2020 km this year by running or walking or running a bicycle. Or find some other kind of fitness. This is no small challenge. That means about 170 kilometers each month or almost 6 kilometers every day. Then I remembered an advice of a friend who used to say, "Add up the miles you run and look at the map for where you are going." That might be interesting. So yesterday I ran almost 6 kilometers from Vrapce to Zagreb Western Station. The first step is the hardest. Who knows where I'll be by the end of the year.

I bet I didn't motivate anyone to any way offitness with these few sentences, but if I meet someone along the way I'll be glad.

Author: Dražen Kaužljar

Photo: Unsplash / Andy Beales

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