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If you're hungry ...

Is there anyone whose mother wasn't trying to solve

any problem with delicious food? If so, that person don't need to read this text.

I know my mom always cooked something delicious in problem situations. If I were sad or worried and she didn't know how to help, she would prepare me a stack of pancakes or french fries or fried meat or cakes ... She didn't ask if I was hungry or not. She wasn't even interested in eating at all. She brought all her love into this food preparation. And almost 50 years later, she's still that way. I know I'm not the only one who has such a mother.

Here is a story from my railroad life related to food. It was a usual autumn Sunday in Sesveteand there was less rail traffic than weekdays. I worked that day with my colleague who was a football fan and a great football player. That Sunday afternoon was the match he wanted to go. He brought me a lunch he had prepared for himself and then asked me to "cover" him for the rest of the day so he could go to football match. Since I am soft on football myself, I accepted his request. And commited an offense.

Many years later I realized that he was playing my mom's card.

Author: Drazen Kauzljar

Photo: Internet

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