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If you come across an injured animal in traffic …

If you come across an injured animal, take it to the vet.

The cost of treatment is borne by the owner. If he is unknown, the cost of treatment is borne by the local government.

Animal Protection Law:

The obligation to assist the animal

Article 7

(1) Anyone who injures an animal must provide it with the assistance it needs, and if it is unable to do so on its own, it must provide it with assistance.

(2) If it is not possible to determine who injured the animal, the provision of the necessary assistance to the animals must be organized and financed by the local government in whose area the animal was injured.

(3) If the owner of the injured animal is identified, the costs referred to in paragraph 2 of this Article shall be borne by the owner.

Each veterinarian is required to provide assistance to the injured animal.

After the provision of veterinary assistance, the injured animal must not be thrown out into the street.

The local self-government unit (cities and municipalities) is obliged to provide accommodation.

Animal Protection Law:

The local authority units

Article 62

(1) The activities of collecting abandoned or lost animals shall be organized and financed by local self-government units.

(2) At least one shelter must be established in the territory of each unit of regional self-government, in which at least 50 animal shelters are provided.

(3) All units of local self-government shall be obliged to participate in financing the establishment and operation of the shelter referred to in paragraph 2 of this Article.

(4) A local self-government unit may conclude a contract for the collection and care of abandoned or lost animals with the shelter of the person referred to in Article 61, paragraph 1 of this Act, which is located in the area of ​​the regional self-government unit in which the local self-government unit is located.

(5) The manner of dealing with abandoned or lost animals shall be prescribed by general acts by representative bodies of local self-government units.

(6) Local self-government units may prescribe permanent sterilization as a mandatory way of controlling reproduction.

The law is clear, but most cities and municipalities still do nothing to implement and enforce the law.

Source: https://www.zakon.hr/z/257/Zakon-o-za%C5%A1titi-%C5%BEivotinja

Photo: mitchell-orr-unsplash

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