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Ideas of Match

Updated: Jun 28, 2019

The application of psychological knowledge to traffic problems, especially the role of human in traffic, helps to prevent traffic accidents. The role of psychologist is particularly important in the conduct of systematic education for safe behaviour in traffic, lifelong learning on traffic safety.

The question of traffic signs perceptions at higher speeds, which, when and how much man can detect in traffic, is just one aspect of traffic safety in which the contribution of psychological research is irreplaceable.

Numerous examples of traffic signalization that are not adapted to man and the way in which it works does not take into account the basic psychological principles of perception and processing of information, some circumstances are not taken into account, eg unfavorable psycho-physical condition, poor driving conditions, or simply possibility human error, it is not taken into account that vulnerable groups - children, the elderly and the disabled - also participate in the traffic.

Many such situations could be avoided if psychologists were involved in the ergonomic design of traffic signals, as is customary in many EU countries. Questionnaire of "Ideal Matches", or illustrative associations associated by an individual with a specific concept of traffic, is just the FIRST PHASE of the Greater and the Main / Single Project called "FORMATING TRAFFIC SIGNALIZATION IN ACCORDANCE WITH HUMAN PERCEPTIONAL FACILITIES".

The questionnaire is intended to encompass different age group of transport stakeholders and their associations:


Average duration of the survey: 5 minutes

Without thinking, enter the first 3 illustrative associations that come to your mind or go through the head for the default word. In these, the associations do not have any categorization, but only choose the best word to describe a certain term.

Example HAPPINESS: smile; sun; warmth



PROJECT: Design of traffic signaling in accordance with human perceptual abilities.

DIRECTION: Psychology

TITLE: „Conceptual correspondence"

GOAL: Adapting traffic signaling to man / create easily understandable signs and traffic rules.

TIME: 2019.-2020.


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