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How about going over the rail track anyway?

When photographing trespassing on the Podsused - Zagreb - Sesvete route, we experienced an interesting situation along the trespassing of Selska, where there is a underpass.

It was raining those days and we waited for the weather to clear. When we arrived though, we had something to see. All pedestrians were using the trespassing. It was interesting to find out what was wrong with the regular underpass.

Descending down, besides the surprise of how much mud there was and how impossible it was to get through it, the following was interesting:

· One girl sacrificed her shoes and yet dared to go through that mud - her safety was more important than her shoes.

· On the other side of the underpass, one man could be heard saying, "Uh, what's this !?

Well that's impossible to get past. How about going over the rail track anyway? ".

After exiting the underpass, I saw two young men on the other side of the track, intending to cross the trespassing. Is it really mud that nobody cleans the reason enough to endanger two young lives? And the questions are: Who is in charge of the underpasses and their cleaning? Can we make a step for the better?


Author: Dražen Kaužljar

Photo: Dražen Kaužljar

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