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Good habits that a child can learn ..

LITTLE GIRL: "I know the way to home from here. And I also know how to cross the street".

ADULT: "Tell me, HOW?"

LITTLE GIRL: "You have to stop. Look to the left, look to the right. "

ADULT: "And then? ''

LITTLE GIRL: "Then you walk .. of course!"

From the small age children go to their "schools" and learn everything that is important and entertaining.

Starting from nursery school, kindergarten, school, and extracurricular activities, children are getting good knowledge. However, not only the lessons and theory of what is important to life are important.

There are habits that are not taught in school but at home, from parents because when talking about good habits, literally there is no better place for kids to learn them but at their own home.

Habits are created in moments in wich the family live and cherish them. This is how family traditions originate, and from family traditions come specific habits which are a good base for a child to learn of them many important things for life.

Author: Sanja Paic

Source: Facebook / Humans of Amsterdam

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