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Free visits to the museum with a prescription

Updated: Jan 30, 2020

A group of Canadian doctors has embarked on a project to prescribe visits museums and art galleries as a new method of helping patients suffering from physical and psychological problems.

The result is a collaboration between the Francophone Association of Physicians of Canada and The Montreal Museum of Fine Art(MMFA), which will allow free visits to visitors who need help and their companions.

It is a pilot project that does not exist anywhere else in the world, and about a hundred doctors will be able to prescribe up to 50 visits to themuseum during treatment, and each ticket will be for two adults and two young people.

Reasons to go to art galleries are related to the benefits that patients have from physical activity, and they relate to a similar level of happiness hormone that can help with pain, depression, stress and anxiety.

A positive change of ambience that has a humanistic value can notably contribute to the quality of life of patients, doctors say.

In order to accurately determine the benefits of the new method, data will be collected, patients will be examined and results analyzed so the project can be further developed and more museums included in the program.

"I am convinced that in the 21st century culture will be what physical activity for health was in the 20th century. Cultural experience will contribute to good state of mind and physical health," MMFA Director Nathalie Bondil told to Relax News.

Edit: Sanja Paic

Translation: Marela Sopta

Photo: Internet

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