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Family is made of friendly relationships between parents and children ...

The International Family Day is celebrated every year on May 15th. That very day, in 1993, the United Nations declared its resolution.

It emphasize the importance of family as the basic element of every society, to encourage the family to act in favor of families, to make decisions that will ensure a better standard and quality of family life, and to support the respect of family life, tradition and customs.

With these stimulating goals, it is important to emphasize that the essential features of humanity such as communion, tolerance, democracy, peace, security, are beginning to build in the family.

The family is an institution that preserves human values, cultural and historical continuity of generation, a factor of stability and development. Thanks to "healthy" families, society is progressing and strengthening, as well as general well-being. Throughout history, the country's development has been evaluated through its family status. The reason is that the prosperity of a country today is directly dependent on its citizens.

All states are invited to guarantee equality and human rights to their families, encourage communion in carrying out household affairs and responsibilities with the elimination of any gender discrimination, providing employment opportunities, enabling them to educate and help them to take care of themselves and contribute to the development of society.

Therefore, our communion, connection and love that we feel to each other, in the joint activities and enjoyment with each other, we celebrate every day!

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