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Culture makes growth

Updated: Jun 28, 2019

A project to create an inspirational book that will include quotes on culture and traffic safety from around the world, and at the same time encourage us to safely think about how we operate in traffic.

How many times have you been listening to a genius man or a genius woman on a TV or on a lecture or reading over the Internet? How many times have you thought you would love to meet this person? How many times have you said "Wow, what good thoughts and ideas!" And how many times have you been able to memorize these ideas, thoughts and quotes? If you are a person who is thrilled with such situations, you are in the right place.

Here we are launching a project to create a book "Culture Makes Growth", which will include quotes and thoughts on culture and traffic safety from around the world. Here we invite you to join us in collecting the most useful quotes and thoughts in order to promote culture and traffic safety.

Also this is where you will be able to find and use interesting quotes in your everyday work. The book "Culture Makes Growth" will soon become your adviser in the work.

Join us in the realization of this project. The participation process is very simple:

1. Choose one or more of the most popular quotes

2. Send us your proposal for authorization with the following four essential items: the author of the quotation, citation, keyword, or topic to which the quotation relates, the proponent of the citations

3. Authorization and installation on the web portal by safety.guru INSTITUTE.

Photo: toa-heftiba-unsplash

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