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Country and town bunny

Updated: Feb 4, 2020

Have you ever noticed what it looks like when taking kids for a walk in town. Curious as they are, the kids run all over. They peek under every car. They admire every bus and truck. They also admire the traffic lights, though they are a bit scared of them. They are scared because those they are walking with are acting just like warning signs. Every now and then they say, "Mind the car!", “Mind the bike!", "Mind the dog!", "Not in the grass!", "Mind the traffic light!", "Not in the puddle!", "Look out, they'll splash you!" ..

As playful as the kids are, they are in constant stress, surrounded by noise, dirty roads and exhaust. In such an environment, man is in the function of traffic, which affects his stress and makes him nervous.

Therefore, here is a fine example of children’splayfulness near the country road. Those same kids are running around playfully in a quiet environment and since there is no noise, they hear everything. They hear a dog barking from the yard and cheerfully call to play, they hear turkeys and chickens on the other side of the fence, a cow in the distance mooing. Their eyes are wide open, not from stress but from excitement and happiness. They run in the grass and see a violet and a few frogs by the stream. There is no traffic light but lots of sunshine, clear sky and a few clouds. In such an environment, the traffic system is in human’s function.

Are there better solutions for the traffic system? The Bunny from safety.guru Institute thinks of traffic as something natural and playful. Jumping around, he affects the traffic full of nervous drivers and adult people. In this way, he awakes drivers who are constantly in a hurry. He thinks of roads as bond between friends, colleagues, family and people we don't even know. While it may seem impossible, there are various playful solutions in the world. That's why playful kids, drivers and those who create and plan traffic should be careful in it.

Author: Dražen Kaužljar

Photo: Unsplash /Nathan Anderson

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