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Being a professional driver - drivers of road vehicles

The project deals with the study of the problems of professional road transport drivers who daily cross level crossings - truck or buses drivers and other road vehicles drivers. The research deals with getting acquainted with their knowledge and problems of disrespecting traffic from other participants.

The statistical indicators that have been taken for the past ten years, there have been 27 exceptional events involving truck drivers and bus drivers. In one of these 30 extraordinary events, one person was killed, 11 people were more severe injured and 57 were injured. This is a sufficient reason to pay more attention to professional drivers

In our research, we are interested in the positive and negative experiences of professional drivers on level crossings. Particular attention is paid to improving safety on the basis of one of the major participants in traffic and identifying differences between individual professional drivers groups. Bus drivers except for their own lives are also responsible for the lives of their passengers. That is why it is not surprising that the number of extraordinary events is almost ten times smaller than the extraordinary events involving truck drivers. Truck drivers even though they don’t carry passengers, they carry valuable goods.

In addition to damage to the goods and delays in delivery, truck drivers by increasing the level of traffic safety also directly affect the quality of transport services.

The survey is conducted by the survey method, and the results of the survey will be presented at the ILCAD 2019 and 11th conference of the CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY.

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PROJECT: Being a professional driver - drivers of road vehicles


TITLE: "Being a Professional Driver"

AIM: Researching the problem of professional drivers of road vehicles on level crossings and their knowledge and problems with disrespecting of traffic from other participants.

PARTNER (S): Rail Cargo Logistics, Rail Cargo Carrrier, Presecki, Croatia Bus, Arriva


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