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Be like Octopus

Updated: Jun 28, 2019

The Ministry of the Interior has been taking action for a couple of years to reduce traffic accidents caused by the use of mobile devices and handset in traffic.

If we look at the fact that mobile devices are used by 90% of drivers, 50% of pedestrians and 33% of cyclists, then it is quite clear that we are all individually responsible for acting proactively.

Apart from talking about the inevitable raising of awareness of the dangers of use and distraction when using mobile phones and headphones, we recognize the high level of social responsibility of the telecommunications operator in order to safeguard and preserve the lives and health of its users.

Safety.guru INSTITUT in co-operation with the Dallas Records label has recognized the vulnerability of young people in the traffic we want to contact. Young and rebellious, seeking authorities and idols in music or sports. The information provided by such an idol has been assumed to the present and has the power to convey and perceive important messages.

The concept and promotional message "Be like an octopus" was created as an association of multitasking and man's overhauling of its abilities and activities in traffic to meet personal needs. Comparison with an octopus, an intelligent animal, which is often associated with multiple simultaneous activities.

An instructive, fun and memorable message.

By participating in this project, they would send direct and strong messages to their young users:

"Use mobile devices and headphones smartly and responsibly!"

Photo: alexandre-boucher-unsplash


PROJECT: Be like Octopus


TITLE: „Be like Octopus

CILJ: Raise awareness of the dangers of using mobile devices and earphones in traffic

PARTNER(S): Dallas Records

TIME: 2019.


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