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“Around” project

The project "Okolo" ("Around") has brought new artistic stories to the streets of Zagreb - ceramic miniatures by Maša Barišić, an anti-stress poster by Pavle Kuharić, a silk sculpture by Ida Blažičko, a large floor mural by Boris Bare, a green interactive intervention by Botanika and a light landscape installation by Javier Riera.

A stroll through Zagreb in search of new urban interventions begins on Tomić Street, where the view will be entwined in the silk sculpture "Blossoms" by Ida Blažićko. Then you can relieve stress on the stairs leading to the funicular, literally passing through it, thanks to the "Pop It" installation by Pavle Kuharić, and visit "Neighbors" by Maša Barišić in Vitezović Street in Gornji grad (Upper Town).

The second edition of the "Okolo" project ("Around" project) began on August 17, and since then the streets of the city have become richer in a variety of art installations and urban interventions, such as the "Sleeping Giant" by French street art couple Elle & Pitre and the many cute street miniatures by Michael Pederson.

Mane Mei and Pavao Kuharić have also left their artistic trace in Zagreb with interactive interventions that tell us never forget to play. Thanks to Biljkoborci and Voona, there are also little green and wool interventions that, in conjunction with the city's irregularities, have created nicer corners, walls, sidewalks, and there is a Love Complaint Book where you can complain about love and turn a new page in life. Boris Bare brought us back to his childhood with a balloon in Vlaška Street, and if you want to lie down on the grass and read a good book, you can always stop by the Bookcases on Vranicani's meadow.

"When you encounter some witty miniature, interactive installation or large mural on the move, it will surely brighten your day and make your everyday life different. This spontaneous street encounter between art and passers-by, the surprise that happens at that moment and more beautiful image of the city are something that you carry with you and something what we wanted to achieve with this project", said the organizers of Two of Us (Ana Mikin and Tina Kovacicek).

Edit: Sanja Paić

Photo: Internet

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