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An Experiential Guide to "The Art of Living at the Rail"

Updated: Jun 20, 2019

The Experiential Guide is a collection of stories, or actual events that drivers have experienced on the track during their daily work as professional drivers. The goal is to collect photos, videos and interviews to improve the perception of their stressful work.

Having conducted research on the experiences of train drivers at the level crossins, this project deals with individual experiences of train drivers in their daily work.

Sharing them own experiences through the story, photos, and videos in the project will be to collect all relevant information in order to trigger the following actions in different directions:

· Better look at the position of the train drivers and the stress that brings such a job

· Raise awareness of other participants in rail traffic

· Creating a publication Experiential Guide "The Art of Living at the Rail".

Each delivered material, an experiential story of a train driver, will be treated as a separate post in Blogs.

Photos include the following situations, locations, and dates:

  Strizivojna 13.06.2019

  Županja 21.05.2019.

  Vrbovec / Križevci, 22.10.2018.

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